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Fire Damage Restoration

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Smoke and fire damage can create catastrophic loss for your home or business. If you have suffered from a property fire, it is important to work with an experienced and licensed restoration company to ensure your property is cleaned and restored properly.
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What is fire damage & fire damage restoration?

Fire and smoke damage is the physical destruction of property caused by direct or indirect exposure to fire. Three things happen when your property is directly exposed to fire:
  • Minor damage from fire, soot, or smoke

  • Small to large areas of the property suffering immediate damage

  • The majority of the property burning to the ground

A fire damage restoration company will assess the damage and decide on the best way to fix things. If the fire only affected parts of the property, the fire damage restoration company can provide complete cleaning & renovation services to get the building back to safe, livable conditions. In terms of your valuables, a fire restoration company would need to evaluate each item to determine if the items are salvageable.
Besides fire damage to your property, smoke and soot from the fire can stain your walls, carpets, and other surfaces in your home. But this isn’t all; you’ll also notice a distinctive odor throughout your home. You need to call in a fire damage restoration company in time to help you clean the soot and smoke from porous materials and remove the odor.

What is fire damage & fire damage restoration?

Fire damage restoration is the act of remediating any property damage caused by fire and getting it back to its pre-fire state. With that, the restoration company should begin as soon as safely possible after the fire is put out.
When fire damages your property, you need to call our fire damage restoration service within 24–48 hours for emergency response. These are the “golden hours of recovery,” and it’s the best time for the fire restoration to recover the property as much as possible. The longer you allow the water and smoke damage to sit, the more damage it will cause.
It’s risky to take on fire damage restoration without professionals. If you inhale the soot and smoke trapped in your surfaces, it can potentially negatively affect your health and cause complications for you and your loved ones.
A good fire damage restoration company will immediately mitigate the fire damage by providing fire & smoke damage restoration and fire damage cleanup. The fire damage company will prioritize damage that could lead to further damage. If your property is affected by soot and smoke damage, the restoration company will decontaminate that first. Then, it will go ahead with deodorizing, deep cleaning, and smoke damage cleaning for the building.
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